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Instrument Adjusting by our Chiropractors is Safe and Precise

Activator Method For Instrument Adjusting Vancouver Chiropractor

Using instrument adjusting of the body rather than traditional, manual adjusting is a chiropractic technique that has been carefully developed and tested to be safe and exceptionally precise. Instrument adjusting involves the use of a manual “Activator” instrument or the electronic Neuromechanical Innovations adjusting instrument as used at the Vancouver Spine Care Centre.

Our chiropractic doctors are especially sensitive to the plight of the patient in need of help who must be treated with kid gloves due to the stressed, swollen, bruised, broken, and damaged nature of his or her body or limbs. You, as a patient, may have felt uncomfortable during some of the manual techniques and applications of traditional chiropractic manipulation, and these methods, even though effective, may have drawbacks for some patients.

Not only do some people dislike the crunching sound associated with moving the bones of the body, but also at times, the set up and movement to perform the treatment may be painful and even counterproductive depending on the problem. At such times, a very careful and controlled amount of motion is crucial, and for this reason, a different method of manipulation using instrumentation has been developed.

There are Advantages to Instrument Adjustment

Instrument adjusting is based on the same fundamentals as traditional manual chiropractic manipulations. After years of experiment, testing, and development the technique of using instruments for adjustment has a number of advantages in certain cases.

  • It employs tools that are specially designed to be calibrated to perform precise and targeted movements tailored to the specific needs of the patient.
  • The use of such precision and directed energy allows, in most cases, an equivalent amount of movement to occur while dramatically reducing the amount of force too the surrounding tissue in order to produce the desired movement.
  • Additionally, the use of such instruments provides a high level of control. The instrument can be calibrated to exert a precise amount of force and a specific direction of force, which allows the chiropractor to avoid undue stress on the very young, the very old, or the very damaged.
  • For patients suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis, for instance, there is less worry that the amount of force will be uncomfortable for the patient and reduces the possibility that further damage could occur.
  • Finally, the speed with which the force is applied is much faster than that of hand manipulation and, therefore, bypasses the natural inclination of the patient to resist. There are also indications that this speed can trigger neuromuscular responses that make the treatments even more successful.

The “Activator” Method

One such instrument-based technique is the “Activator” Method, which employs a manual single pulsed instrument christened “The Activator.” In fact, the name “Activator” may be commonly used when referring to a series of instruments used to treat joints and soft tissue. The “Activator” method and the activator instruments are tested, supported, and approved by clinical trials. The electronic Neuromechanical Innovations adjusting instrument provides single or multiple adjustments to a targeted area. The amount of force is adjustable and set by the doctor prior to each treatment.

How This Philosophy Aligns With That Of The Vancouver Spine Care Centre

Our experienced chiropractic professionals at the Vancouver Spine Care Centre are dedicated to providing safe and gentle manipulation and producing the very best results possible for our patients. The addition of instrument adjusting to our practice, like using the Cox Technique, shows our commitment to employing the most advanced technology and methodology so that our patients can reach optimum good health safely and speedily.

If you would like more information about this gentle and precise form of therapy, one of our doctors would be pleased to talk to you. Call us at 604-873-6029 to ask questions or to request an appointment. You can also e-mail questions to us at:

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