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Want Strong Bones & Muscles? Make Sure to get Enough Vitamin C Daily

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Food Sources of Vitamin C Known for its ability to help fight off infections and help to cure the common cold, vitamin C is also good for cardiovascular health, eye health and keeping your skin young and healthy looking. Perhaps vitamin C’s most important functions in the body are to keep your bones and muscles healthy and strong and to help your body heal from injury.

Humans are one of the few species that do not have the gene to produce vitamin C internally. Ensuring sufficient amounts of this vitamin are ingested is an important part of maintaining a healthy body. A vitamin C deficiency can lead to many possible problems: backaches; osteoporosis; or a general weakening of bones and muscles, each of which could lead to spinal issues. Sufficient vitamin C levels helps your body heal faster from wounds, sprains and fractures. All of which makes Vitamin C a very helpful tool for your chiropractor in keeping your spine strong and healthy. Read more

Vitamin D Deficiency could be Impacting Your Spinal Health

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Vitamin D Deficiency could be Impacting Your Spinal HealthThere’s been quite a bit said about Vitamin D in the past few years. No matter what the school of thought: traditional medicine, complimentary medicine, alternative medicine, even government health codes all agree that sufficient amounts of vitamin D as part of your daily intake is vital. As vitamin D enables your body to process calcium, it plays a vital role in keeping your spine healthy. Read more

Which Nutritional Supplements Help Aid Joint Health

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Nutritional SupplementsIn our last blog, we discussed the beneficial elements of the Omega 3, 6, & 9 Oils in helping to reduce inflammation of the joints.  There are numerous additional nutritional supplements that aid in joint health and that’s the topic we’d like to discuss today.

You will find these nutritional supplements also useful in improving the quality of your joint health.  Continuing to augment your diet, exercise and have chiropractic adjustments round out the full program.
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Omega Fish Oils: Nutritional Supplements Help Aid Joint Health

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Omega Fish OilsAfter numerous studies over many years we know Omega (fish) Oils are nutritional supplements that increase the quality of one’s health in various areas, like heart health, cognitive function for kids with ADD, and can even help to slow down the aging process of your brain.

These nutritional supplements are also very useful in aiding joint health and augmenting diet, exercise and chiropractic adjustments. There are other supplements that are very helpful for improving joint health, for example, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Sam-E, Bioflavanoids, herbs from India like Boswellia and Tumeric, and even Ginger can be of great assistance. Which supplements will be of the greatest assistance for the health of your joints will depend on what kind of joint condition you are trying to improve. Read more

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