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Medical Misconceptions of Chiropractic and Benefits of Natural Practices

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Physical Therapy on NeckThere are many ‘facts’ and claims associated with certain diseases or specific medications we have just come to accept, no questions asked. However, several of these well-known notions surrounding, for example, what a leading cause of cardiovascular disease is, have recently been debunked. Beyond beginning to question whether or not a certain supplement or vitamin actually contributes to heart disease, several recent studies are showing that some popular antianxiety drugs are actually causing people to become more susceptible to fractures and bone damage. These are just a few examples that are causing us to take a step back and look deeper into the benefits of alternative health options, such as chiropractic care. Read more

Just What Is Chiropractic Integrative Care?

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Chiropractic Integrative CareWhen you are in pain, you want relief, and terms like “chiropractic integrative care” don’t seem important; however, these words are important. It’s a care label that encompasses the idea of treating the whole patient with all forms of care available so that full healing and full functioning can be restored as soon as possible. That’s the kind of help everyone wants and needs!

Good health, after all, isn’t just the absence of disease, pain, stiffness, or impairment. It means you are well physically, mentally, and socially, and that goal is at the heart of chiropractic integrative care.
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What Does Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Do?

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Bio-mechanical and neurological effects of spinal manipulation include; disruption of articular or peri-articular adhesion’s, improvement of trunk and neck mobility, relaxation of hypertonic muscles by sudden stretching, release of entrapped synovial folds (plica), attenuation of alpha-motor neuron activity, enhancement of proprioceptive behavior and release of beta endorphins thus increasing pain threshold. These mechanisms are expected to be sustained during maintenance spinal manipulation therapy.


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I have recently added the Impulse Adjusting Instrument to my practice. After months of training and research I felt that this would be a great adjunct to our treatment modalities. It is designed to deliver a very rapid, pin point, gentle force to muscle spindles as well as to joints of the spine and extremities and is intended to release muscle spasm or hypertonicity and to assist in correcting mechanical disturbances.
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