Spinal Decompression

The Cox Spinal Decompression Technique Relieves Pain and Discomfort

Dr Cox with patient Vancouver Chiropractor

Decompression is indicated in the treatment of:

  • lumbar and cervical disc herniation
  • spinal joint degeneration
  • spinal stenosis
  • back pain
  • scoliosis
  • pinched nerve
  • restless legs
  • and other difficult conditions, including disorders of the bowel, urinary system, and reproductive system
  • it has also been found effective in alleviating difficulties connected to osteoarthritis

The Cox Spinal Decompression Technique is a Workable Solution

A specially constructed adjustment and treatment table was developed to facilitate spinal decompression. The “Cox 7 Decompression Instrument” was specifically designed for decompression of the spine utilizing the “Cox Technique,” a hands-on chiropractic technique.  This is the only spinal decompression technique requiring certification through an accredited university, and is the most researched technique in chiropractic practice today.

Patient relief is accomplished through four proven avenues:

  • Reduction in intradiscal pressure
  • Pressure reduction on spinal nerves
  • Optimization of motion to spinal joints
  • Widening of the spinal nerve passage area by as much as 28%

The term “spinal decompression” refers to producing relief of pressure impinging on one or more nerves of the spinal column. This pinching of nerves can result in a multitude of acute or chronic conditions.

Various approaches have been developed to address this issue, but some are quite invasive surgical techniques or involve drugs, and may be the cause of added pain or discomfort in their own right. Several non-evasive, drug-free alternatives have evolved in the chiropractic profession.

One in particular, which is known as the Cox Technique, has been researched, developed, tested, and established as a major valid treatment over a period spanning approximately 50 years.

Mild and Gentle Approach to Treatment

The Cox technique is an especially popular and welcome treatment as it utilizes the safe, gentle, and reliable personalized care of a chiropractor over that of an automated machine.

In particular, it emphasizes a mild, gradual approach to manipulation that even the most sensitive patients will appreciate.

The Cox Spinal Decompression Technique is Effective

The improvement and the speed of improvement hinges directly on certain factors, of course, not the least of which are the severity of the condition and the specific areas affected. Improvement is common after a few visits, and about 90% of patients experience distinct relief by the end of 90 days with treatments that follow standard protocols. Pain relief is experienced, on average, after 12 visits over 29 days.

A Number of sites Offer Details on The Cox Technique

Dr. Greenwood with Dr. James Cox, the founder of the Cox Flexion Decompression Technique and designer of the Cox 7 Decompression Instrument at the re-certification seminar in Maui, Hawaii in March, 2009. Dr. Greenwood was asked to present a case study at the advanced Cox Seminar in Maui in February, 2011.

Dr. Richard Hunter and Dr. James Cox at National University of Health Sciences.
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