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Whiplash Relief Vancouver Chiropractor

The quickest possible initiation of treatment by a well-trained chiropractor is strongly recommended to help ward off life-long consequences and pain after suffering a whiplash injury. Gentle and effective treatment by one of our competent chiropractors can set you on a course leading back to normal function and pain-free activity.

Even a minor whiplash problem that can, and will, heal completely, will be relieved faster and more easily with prompt care. For a more severe injury however, proper care in the first hours and days is of critical importance.

What Is Whiplash?

The violent shearing or whipping back and forth of the head beyond the normal range of motion of the neck is known as “whiplash.” When this happens, muscles, ligaments, and other soft tissues that support the spine can be torn or over-stretched. Sometimes the spongy disc material between the vertebrae can bulge or rupture. All this can force vertebrae out of their normal alignment.

Left untreated or incorrectly treated, these injuries can result in early degenerative arthritis, which means the problem will never completely go away.  Always make sure you have your spine checked if you have been involved in any kind of trauma involving the neck and head and make sure a chronic problem isn’t the final outcome.

Whiplash Can Occur During a Variety of Events:

  • Auto accidents, especially rear-end collisions
  • Bicycle, motorcycle, or other vehicular crashes
  • Some falls
  • Physical confrontations involving violent jerking, being shaken, or being pushed
  • Sporting accidents as in, for instance, skiing
  • Fast changes in bodily direction leading to a whipping of the head and neck

There are Two Major Dangers in a Whiplash Injury

In a whiplash injury, there are two important factors of which you must be aware.

1.The Time Factor – One danger is that the accident victim seldom knows immediately – or in the first several hours or so – that there is an injury. If they do, they usually have no idea how bad it might be. The adrenaline triggered because of the accident and the following confusion tends to mask the condition.

Also, many of the really noticeable effects are swelling, bruising, and tension in the muscles. The force of the accident may not have thrown the spine out of alignment but, eventually, the muscles going into spasm may cause that to happen. This means problems may not immediately be apparent or will take time to develop or show symptoms that will cause the victim to seek help.

2. The Testing Factor – The second danger is that it is difficult to establish whiplash because testing for it is difficult. An x-ray will show evidence of a fracture if one occurs, but will not register the tearing of ligaments, muscle, and other tissues, nor will it show swelling and bleeding. A whiplash diagnosis is usually made by observing the number and kinds of symptoms presented.

These two factors can lead the victim of a whiplash injury to assume they are fine and delay seeking the help they need to shorten the healing time and prevent long-term problems.

Watch for The Symptoms of Whiplash

Watch for These Common Signs:

  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Dizziness and blurred vision
  • Headaches (usually at the base of the skull)
  • Fatigue

These Signs May Also be Present:

  • Trouble concentrating and memory problems
  • Tinnitis (ringing in the ears)
  • Irritability and difficulty sleeping

Be Especially Watchful for:

  • Pain moving down into the back and arms
  • Pain when moving the head or neck
  • Weakness, tingling, or numbness in the arms

If you think you may have incurred a whiplash injury or you want to know more about symptoms or treatment, do not delay. One of our doctors at the Vancouver Spine Care Center will be pleased to talk to you by phone at: 604-873-6029, or you can call for an appointment.  You can also e-mail questions to us at: mail@vancouverspinecarecentre.com.

Don’t take unnecessary risks.  If you think you have whiplash, call us for help.

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