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Muscle Pain Relief Treatments Deal with Sciatica and Leg Pain

Muscle Pain Relief Treatments Deal with Sciatica and Leg Pain Vancouver Chiropractor

With a little help the body can heal itself naturally without the use of drugs or surgery. The treatment of leg pain often begins with the location of nerve irritation – then relieving the pressure on that nerve.

There are a number of things that can cause the pinching of nerves or stress on the skeleton, supporting tissue and organs that can cause pain in the legs.
The Cox Spinal Decompression technique, among other treatments, and can effectively and rapidly bring about leg pain relief.

Leg Pain Can Be Caused By:

  • Acute or chronic misalignment of the lower back
  • Congenital deformation of the spine
  • Mechanical injury to the spine or legs during sports or in an accident
  • Influence of an acute or long-term illness
  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Secondary effects of some illnesses – including arthritis – or the malfunction of an organ or organs
  • Environmental factors such as poisoning or even sleeping on a poor bed

It is important to know the source of leg pain so that the condition generating the pain can also be treated.

How Leg Pain Manifests Itself

The body expresses pain in a number of ways, sometimes even as numbness. Often, people who have leg pain also have pain or tenderness or stiffness in the lower spine. When accompanied by leg pain, it usually indicates a pinched nerve. There may also be:

  • Pains radiating down one or both legs, even as far as to the bottom of the feet
  • Weakness in one or both legs
  • Weakness in the lower back and pain at the slightest provocation
  • Disruption in sexual or digestive functions
  • Sudden occasional electrical or hot or cold sensations shooting down the legs or  the lower back
  • Occasional nausea

Leg Pain Affects Health and Longevity

If it were only for the fact that leg pain reduces one’s outlook on life and comfort while living it, treatment of leg pain would be desirable, but there is something even more important. It is easily observable – especially in older people – that once a person begins to lose mobility, health begins to suffer as the body deteriorates due to reduced activity, and a deadly spiral ensues which shortens the person’s lifespan.

Leg pain is significant no matter what age you may be.

A person can experience undue weakness in the lower limbs as a result of pinched nerves and reduced blood flow. This can be minor or significant, but, in either case, can create a greater predisposition to accidents, damage from lifting heavy weights, tendency towards illness, exaggerated avoidance of otherwise “fun things” and a general reduction in the emotional response to life.

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