Neck Pain Relief

Receive Gentle, Effective, and Prompt Neck Pain Relief at our Clinic

Receive Gentle, Effective, and Prompt Neck Pain Relief Vancouver Chiropractor

If you have any new or old occurrences of neck pain, we stress that early neck ache treatment is very important. We offer immediate diagnosis and professional care for neck pain relief.

The neck is a vital area of your body where there are possibilities for severe consequences if you don’t receive a proper diagnosis and help as soon as you need it. Inattention could result in long-term or permanent pain or disability.

What to Expect During a Chiropractic Treatment

We want you to know that our chiropractors stress moderation, and a cautious and gentle approach to treatments. Our techniques will help you avoid re-aggravation of the problem as we help guide your healing process in a comfortable manner. We know that the proper return to normal function involves preparation of the muscles and other tissues so they cooperate and contribute to the healing process.

Neck ache treatment can include:

  • the application of specialized manual stimulation of tissues
  • relaxation techniques
  • laser therapy
  • instrument adjusting
  • and other steps that enhance speed and ease in returning the body to normal.

The Neck Structure is a Key Area of the Body

The neck is the point of interface between the head and the torso. Besides the muscles, ligaments, and tendons affecting the range of motion and movement of the head, vital structures of the neck are intimately connected to:

  • breathing
  • blood circulation
  • respiration
  • food intake
  • voice
  • and nerve activity for the entire body reside in, or pass through, this area

Any injury or dysfunction at this point, even a minor one, can disrupt one or more of these important functions.

There are Several Sources of Neck Pain

If you experience neck pain, it will be because you have likely encountered one of these problems:

  • Injury is the number one cause of neck pain and is common in sports, but also in automobile accidents.
  • Accidents around the home or as a result of personal activities involving stress, impact, or sudden extreme motions involving the head are next.
  • Lifestyle anomalies as in “sleeping wrong,” “sitting wrong,” “eating wrong,” and even “moving wrong” can cause neck problems.
  • Illness or abnormal structure or function in another part of the body can cause pain in the neck.

Heed These Warning Signs of a Neck Problem

Pain is always an indication of possible injury or illness, and pain can be sharp, achy, dull, local, generalized, or felt only in certain positions. Neck pain can also be triggered by problems in other parts of the body and expressed as headaches, shoulder pains, or backaches. In some cases, instead of pain, the problem may manifest itself as:

  • Disorientation
  • Dizziness
  • Stiffness in neck muscles
  • Tingling in neck or arms
  • Numb areas
  • Weakness in arms or other parts of the body
  • Disruption in breathing or other organ functions
  • Odd sensations
  • Hot, cold, or electrical flashes
  • Interruptions or changes in eyesight, hearing, balance, etc. (caused by disruptions or damage to circulation or nerve function)

Because a neck problem can present itself in a variety of ways, it is very important to have a proper diagnosis and neck ache treatment.

If you have a neck problem or are seeking neck pain relief and want to know more about it, one of our doctors at the Vancouver Spine Care Center would be pleased to talk to you by phone at: 604-873-6029. You can also e-mail questions to us at:

Don’t go on suffering or risk chronic neck problems or pain. We can help.

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