Get Back in Motion: Exercise Reduces Risk for Cancer


Paul Greenwood Wellness Comments Off on Get Back in Motion: Exercise Reduces Risk for Cancer

With summer right around the corner the Doctors of Chiropractic at the Vancouver Spine Care Centre are reminding you to get outside! Many options are available in Vancouver such as walking the sea wall, going to one of the many beaches, and heading over to the shore for a hike. Sampling the fresh ocean air may also have an added bonus according to a study published on May 16, 2016. The study found that a significant reduction in risk for developing some cancers is associated with increased leisure-time physical activity.

The study followed 1.44 million participants over a median time of 11 years, where the average amount of moderate-intensity activity was 150 minutes per week. The reduction was evident regardless of the participants body size or smoking history. This indicated that a population-wide strategy for increased moderate intensity activity could be an integral part of a cancer prevention program. The study did not indicate how much exercise would be required to prevent specific cancers, however, an overall increase in activity had benefits across many cancers as well as cardiovascular disease.

These positive benefits of exercise will also be accompanied by an increase in Vitamin D if you move your activities outside. The sun helps our body create Vitamin D, which Vancouverites are often deficient in after the winter. Vitamin D will help increase energy levels. To ensure you have a great experience, make sure to warm up before and cool down after exercise and apply sunscreen while outside. Stay hydrated and fuel your workout with easily digested food. Keep in mind Increased activity may create muscle soreness and joint stiffness. The Doctors at the Vancouver Spine Care Centre are here to help you with post workout pain. Make an appointment today to set up a strategy for increasing your activity level safely and effectively.



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