Cox Technic Helps Post Surgical Spine Pain: A Published Study


Dean Greenwood Back Pain Treatment Comments Off on Cox Technic Helps Post Surgical Spine Pain: A Published Study

A newly published study in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine has demonstrated benefit from Cox Technic spinal adjusting for patients with continuing post surgical back pain.

Continuing pain following back surgery is a disappointing outcome which is often treated with pain medication and counselling, along with other medical interventions including spinal injections.  These methods have inherent risks and do not always provide long term relief.  There are few studies to support the use of chiropractic manipulation in the management of post surgical pain, but this study opens the door to a better understanding of this troubling condition and will lead to further studies which can determine the best standards of care.

Fifteen doctors of chiropractic trained in the Cox Technic were recruited to report on cases of post surgical spine pain cases seen in their offices in 2012.  The outcomes of this study were good showing greater than 50% pain relief following  chiropractic distraction spinal manipulation  in 81% of postsurgical patients receiving an average of 11 visits over a 49-day period of active care.  At 24-month follow-up, of 56 patients available, 44 (78.6%) had continued pain relief of greater than 50% and 10 (18%) reported 50% or less relief.

The doctors at the Vancouver Spine Care Centre are certified in the use of the Cox Technic and have been asked to participate in a follow up study similar to this one.  If you or anyone you know has suffered continuing pain following back surgery, let them know that we employ methods which are safe, and may result in a positive outcome.  50% improvement for stubborn spinal pain is considered very good, and it is the initial goal of our treatments.  Another case of post surgical back pain from our office was published here.



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