Chiropractic care for back and leg pain from an intraspinal synovial cyst


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Chiropractic care for back and leg pain from an intraspinal synovial cyst

Back and leg pain are common presentations at the Vancouver Spine Care Centre. A case from the Vancouver Spine Care Centre of intraspinal synovial cyst shows marked improvement with Chiropractic care.

This case of synovial cyst was misdiagnosed initially as a possible herniated disc. When the unbearable leg pain started to evolve into weakness and atrophy, an urgent private MRI was prescribed to get to the root of the problem. The MRI was reviewed by Dr. Greenwood, and a large cyst was found pinching the nerve that traveled into the leg of this patient. A synovial cyst is an accumulation of tissue and fluid that does not escape from the spinal canal, and can cause severe numbness, pain and weakness.

A course of chiropractic care including Cox Flexion Distraction produced significant improvement in a very few treatments and this patient avoided surgery, which is occasionally recommended. This patient was very grateful for the relief and returned to normal activities in only a few weeks.

This case was presented at the Part 3 Cox seminar in Maui, Hawaii in February 2016. Here is a link to that report.

If you begin to feel pain radiating from the low back into the legs, a synovial cyst may be the source of the pain. Although a cyst is not as common as a herniated disc, it must be considered in the diagnosis of a sudden onset of pain or weakness.

Contact the Vancouver Spine Care Centre if you have sudden pain or weakness in your leg or arm. A thorough examination will be done to determine the best course of action.

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