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When Is A Headache More Than Just A Headache?

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HeadacheFor most headache sufferers, the vast majority of headache pain seems to have no particular cause, although stress and tension, which causes muscle contractions, are responsible for many. Migraine sufferers try hard to discover the triggers that cause their headaches and avoid them, which doesn’t really explain why they occur. Allergies, lack of hydration, lack of sleep and a variety of other quite minor problems can bring on headaches, and if they are very painful or very frequent, it is probably time to do something about them.

These common types of headaches are known as primary headaches and include the three most commonly experienced, which are the tension headache, the migraine, and, less commonly than the other two, the cluster headache. Read more

An Immediate Response is Needed for Signs of Neck Injury

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Signs of Neck InjuryNot to be alarmist, but you really must act quickly when encountering the signs of neck injury. While only some situations will actually need a speedy response, it will only be after careful examination that many of the dire consequences can be ruled out. Your quick action can save you painful and debilitating repercussions. Read more

Use Whiplash Prevention To Avoid A Pain In The Neck

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Use Whiplash Prevention To Avoid A Pain In The NeckWhiplash is caused when the head and body move at significantly different rates and allow the head to shear or whip backward, forward, or to one side. This action over stretches or tears the ligaments, muscles, and joints in the neck to a degree that causes damage.

Whiplash can be a life-threatening, or a life-altering condition and there are things you much know and practice to help avoid the damage or at least diminish it.

Various Restraints Help but do not Guarantee Whiplash Prevention

Whiplash is an injury most commonly caused by motor vehicle accidents, and you cannot put your faith in any single car safety feature such as seatbelts, shoulder restraints, headrests, or airbags: Read more

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