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Check out Slipped Disc Symptoms and Treatment Options

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Check out Slipped Disc Symptoms and Treatment Options 104250790A person may experience what is popularly described as a “slipped disc,” but the term really means a herniated or ruptured disc. Because a disc is attached and held in place, it can’t actually “slip”; however, it can bulge or tear in a weakened area.

The bulge or tear can bring pressure to bear on the nerves, which usually means pain—a lot of pain. There are sometimes other symptoms and little pain, and some mild occurrences can heal within weeks; however, the condition carries important ramifications for the health of the person involved and should never be considered a minor problem that will just “go away.” Read more

Laser Therapy Shines A Light On Healing

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IMG_5395Laser Therapy is truly a twenty-first century wonder of scientific achievement that is used by chiropractors to promote the healing of their patients and to diminish their pain. The use of lasers in therapy is becoming increasingly popular. Read more

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