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Maintenance for Spinal Health

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In 2011, the prestigious Journal Spine reported a study on the effectiveness of maintenance spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) in long term reduction of pain and disability associated with chronic low back conditions.  When we suffer an acute episode of severe back pain, often there are changes that occur in the spinal discs and joints that can predispose us to chronic back pain, disability, relapses of the initial problem and progressive degenerative changes that can make life miserable as we get older. Read more


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The Chiropractic doctors at the Vancouver Spine Care Centre are pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Greenwood has completed the extensive certification course in Cox Technic. He is now “Cox Certified” and shares this distinction with his colleagues Dr. Richard Hunter and Dr. Dean Greenwood.

The Cox Technic has evolved from strong research, is applied by doctors who participate in rigorous training and recertification and is appreciated by patients for the gentle approach and exceptional outcomes resulting from care. Read more

Epidural Steroids Have Limited Or No Benefit

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Epidural Steroids Have Limited Or No Benefit

Chiropractic Doctors at the Vancouver Spine Care Centre in Vancouver, BC have witnessed first-hand the limited effects of spinal steroids and now an important study confirms this. Here is a summary of that study from Medscape.

Epidural corticosteroid injections offer limited short-term relief for radiculopathy and no clear benefit for spinal stenosis, a systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies concludes.

Steroid injections are commonly and increasingly used to treat radiculopathy and spinal stenosis, despite conflicting evidence of efficacy, the authors note in their paper.

“As epidural injections are just one of many treatments available for the low back pain conditions that were the focus of the article (radiculopathy and spinal stenosis), it’s important to understand their benefits and harms to help clinicians and patients make informed choices,” first author Roger Chou, MD, from Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, told Medscape Medical News.

Their results were published online August 24 in Annals of Internal Medicine. Read more

Chiropractic for Spinal Stenosis

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Spinal stenosis. If that isn’t a recognizable phrase to you, it likely is to a friend or family member. It’s the most prevalent reason for spinal surgery in older adults (and origination of angst among some younger folks, too!). Spinal stenosis results from all types of issues, but the bottom line is that the spinal canal space is narrowed which leaves little room for the spinal nerves and back pain results. The Vancouver Spine Care Centre offers a gentle, effective, non-surgical approach to relief for Vancouver back pain patients with lumbar spinal stenosis. Read more

Chiropractic Care Can Effectively Aid Your Soft Tissue Injury Treatment

Richard Hunter Blog, Chiropractic Therapy Leave a comment tissue injuries are those injuries involving ligaments, tendons, muscles, and myofascia or connective tissue and fibers. Ligaments connect bone to other bones. Tendons connect muscle to bone, and myofascia surrounds and covers muscles. And of course, muscles are also soft tissue. Of the many treatments that exist to help with the healing of soft tissue injuries, chiropractic care has a strong track record for effective soft tissue injury treatment.  Read more

If You’re Plagued by Spinal Pain and Dizziness, Try Chiropractic Care

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physical therapist applying myofascial therapyWith careful examination and testing, many instances of dizziness combined with spinal pain can be linked to specific causes and can be successfully treated by a chiropractor.

There are actually two interpretations of the word “dizziness”. For some, it is a feeling of vertigo or spinning, a loss of orientation, or loss of balance. For others, it can be a feeling of faintness. Both are applicable. Read more

Take Advantage Of these Six Benefits Of Chiropractic Care Today

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 Senior man getting physical therapy When you are suffering from back, neck, or extremity in pain or stiffness, or from headaches or muscle stress, there are several important reasons why you should opt for chiropractic care before seeking other solutions.

Whatever the cause of your problems—accident, sports, or aging, for example—you will benefit by making a visit to a chiropractor as your first step in finding a solution. Read more

Natural Health Care Practitioners Form a Helpful Community

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chiropracticHolistic and natural health practices offer a wide range of benefits that work to keep you both healthy and active. While conventional medical practices are the main go-to offices to treat illnesses and manage symptoms, holistic methods aim to get at the basic roots of the cause of health problems and consider an individual’s overall well-being. Read more

Vancouver Chiropractors Can Help Treat Spine Injury and Back Pain

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ChipratorVancouver, BC, is a virtual Mecca for outdoor activities, so it’s fortunate Vancouver chiropractors are experts at treating spine injuries and back pain. Sadly, outdoor activities go hand-in-hand with injuries, especially for the weekend athlete, or the poorly prepared participant. On tourism sites, you can find a long list of really great things to do and experience in or near Vancouver: Read more

Coming Soon: The Cox Technic Seminar, Presented by Dr. Dean Greenwood

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SeminarNext week my colleague Dr. Dean Greenwood will be attending and leading a San Francisco seminar focused on one of the most respected chiropractic techniques. Dr. Greenwood will be presenting the Cox Technic, a form of chiropractic adjustment that uses hands-on spinal manipulation to address spine pain without the use of surgery.

The Cox Technic Seminar will take place on January 25th and January 26th at the Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront and is the first of several courses that will teach doctors of chiropractic about this research-documented spinal manipulation designed to relieve lower back pain, leg pain, neck pain and arm pain. Read more

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