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Arm and leg neuropathy, also called peripheral neuropathy is a fairly common disorder. It is simply pain or abnormal sensation in the limbs caused by damage to the nervous system. Early on, symptoms are often not pain, but more of a “pins and needles” (paresthesias) feeling or numbness in the outer extremities. Vibration perception is often the first sense affected, with numbness to temperature and light touch usually following. Such loss of sensation begins in the feet; if the issue is left untreated it spreads through the legs, begins to affect the arms, and ultimately can spread to the core.

This can have a number of different sources: determining the specifics for each individual case is vital for effective treatment. Our doctors here at the Vancouver Spine Care Centre are adept at working with patients to develop personal neuropathy treatment plans.

Sources of Arm and Leg Neuropathy

Neuropathy has many causes. Our practice focuses on treating some of the most common: nutritional and trauma-based neuropathy.

Vitamin or nutritional issues are often caused by diabetes, vitamin B12 deficiency, and alcoholism; AIDS, MS, hypothyroid conditions and chemotherapy can also impact the body’s nutritional balance, causing neuropathy in the arms and legs.

Trauma-based neuropathy is caused when nerves have been compressed, interrupting communication channels in the central nervous system. Spinal nerve damage caused by impact or strain will show neuropathic symptoms. Ongoing neglect of spinal health leads to the development of spinal arthritis and disc degeneration, both sources of arm and leg neuropathy.

Chiropractic Options for Neuropathic Treatment

At the Vancouver Spine Care Center, we are particularly focused on neuropathy resulting from traumas and nutritional deficiencies. Included among these are repetitive motion injuries, damaged and pinched nerves due to accident, stress, impact, etc.

Many causes of neuropathy are easily correctable with chiropractic care when caught early, but can lead to serious difficulties if left untreated for long periods of time. Chiropractic adjustments re-align the spine and reduce pressure on compressed nerves.

For dealing with neuropathy caused by poor nutrition the most effective treatment is dietary counseling and the inclusion of proper minerals and supplements. Our practice offers nutritional supplements specifically designed to support our care of your spine.

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